FactSet + DataRobot

DataRobot on FactSet, Enabling AI-Driven Quant Workflows

Gain a complete, end-to-end, AI-enabled solution for your quantitative investment management workflows and eliminate the need for disparate systems. Build and deploy predictive models from DataRobot directly within your FactSet research, portfolio construction, and analytics environment.

DataRobot on FactSet allows asset managers, banks, and hedge funds to produce predictions, automated insights, and forecasts from the expansive data within the FactSet platform. By providing access to hundreds of advanced machine learning models backed by the knowledge, experience, and best practices of the world’s leading data scientists directly to FactSet users, this partnership gives quantitative and fundamental research professionals alike the data and tools they need to build integrated AI-Driven investment decision processes quickly and easily, without writing any code.

Whether you are using AI to identify new sources of alpha, manage risk exposure, or uncover hidden relationships between factors that drive investment performance, DataRobot on FactSet can give you the winning edge in the emerging quant arms race.

FactSet is a global provider of integrated financial information, analytics applications, and industry-leading services. DataRobot on FactSet integrates advanced automated machine learning technology from DataRobot into FactSet, allowing clients to build, deploy, monitor, and manage highly accurate machine learning models and create advanced AI applications.


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Create AI-Driven Investment Decision Workflows
Combine DataRobot’s industry leading automated machine learning with FactSet content and applications to enable the investment community to embed AI directly into data exploration, signal generation and evaluation workflows in an integrated manner.
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Enhance Factor Research with Automated ML
Easily build and deploy best in class machine learning models to produce more intelligent alpha signals, risk forecasts, macro indicators, and virtually any input within FactSet applications spanning the entire portfolio lifecycle.
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Connect Core Data Sets to Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms
Power your automated machine learning workflow with industry-leading core data sets from FactSet including fundamentals and estimates, premium unique content such as sentiment and ESG, as well as your own proprietary content.
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Incorporate Predictions from DataRobot into FactSet Processes
Use results from DataRobot models to rapidly iterate on ideas and improve your investment strategies, in conjunction with FactSet’s integrated tools for quantitative research.

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