BRIGHT + DataRobot

Your data has a purpose. Discover it with BRIGHT and DataRobot

Combining DataRobot AI platform and BRIGHT analytics expertise, we extract value from your data and answer critical business questions.

Can you turn your experimental AI project to value? We can.

Together DataRobot and BRIGHT have joined forces to help organizations understand their data and back business decisions with trustful and explainable predictions, delivering AI transformation at scale.

As a DataRobot partner, BRIGHT helps businesses identify and target the right problems that AI can successfully solve. Through its domain expertise, advisory approach, and strong analytics delivery capabilities, the team ensures that organizations derive maximum business impact from DataRobot’s powerful end-to-end AI Cloud platform.

BRIGHT helps business leaders leverage the power of the data they already have to develop new opportunities, address challenges, and avoid risks. BRIGHT teams use innovative technologies and best practices to deliver simple and effective end-to-end solutions in complex enterprise environments.


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Advisory Approach
BRIGHT helps organizations identify their pain points and business goals and determine what predictions can benefit those goals, identifying the right data sources and measuring the AI impact on the enterprise.
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Implementation Excellence
Together with DataRobot, we bridge the gap between human and AI, putting the power of data science into the hands of non-data scientists.
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End-to-End Services
End-to-end data analysis, data strategy design, solution architecture, data modeling and machine learning, application development, and training.
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Speed Up AI Adoption
With 15+ years of experience working with data, BRIGHT accelerates AI adoption and ROI.
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