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DataRobot Customers Surpass 110 Million Predictive Models Using Enterprise Machine Learning Platform

September 28, 2016

CEO to Address Strata + Hadoop Audience with Session on “Data Science for Executives”

NEW YORK CITY — September 28, 2016 — Machine learning and data science startup, DataRobot, today announced its customers have developed more than 110 million models using the SaaS version of the DataRobot automated machine learning platform. The announcement serves as validation of the company’s mission to bring automated machine learning to every corner of the enterprise and was made at the Strata + Hadoop World session, “Data Science for Executives,” delivered by DataRobot CEO and co-founder, Jeremy Achin.

Enterprises across every industry are embracing machine learning to remain competitive in today’s data-driven world. By allowing more professionals across an organization to use advanced algorithms to derive insights from data, machine learning is helping to alleviate issues caused by a critical shortage of data scientists. The DataRobot enterprise platform significantly eases the computational and programmatic requirements of machine learning to give data scientists and non-data scientists alike the automation, intelligence and intuitive interface to produce and implement accurate predictive models at scale. Having surpassed the 110 million model milestone, DataRobot is actively driving ROI for forward-thinking organizations.

“To truly democratize data science, machine learning needs to become pervasive throughout an organization, making advanced analytics accessible to the widest audience possible,” said Jeremy Achin, DataRobot CEO and co-founder. “Reaching this milestone proves the usability and accessibility of the DataRobot platform to business and data professionals alike.”

The DataRobot Enterprise Machine Learning Platform
An enterprise machine learning platform consists of three core features. DataRobot is the only platform on the market that can address all of the following:

  • Automated Machine Learning: DataRobot automatically finds the best model for an organization’s data from a library of hundreds of techniques from open source or designed by our team of world class-data scientists. With DataRobot, any data professional who has some data skills and business savvy can use the platform to find the most accurate predictive models for their data in a fraction of the time.
  • Rapid Deployment: The DataRobot prediction API allows users to operationalize models rapidly and integrate them with enterprise applications with just a few lines of code – whether its real-time predictions, batch deployments or scoring on Hadoop. Most modern applications are built using microservices architecture, which is embedded into the DataRobot platform to enable enterprises to derive business value quickly.
  • Enterprise-Grade: The DataRobot platform integrates easily within the ecosystem of technologies that already exist in the enterprise. These include security and data privacy technologies, ETL and visualization tools, and infrastructure platforms such as Hadoop and, SQL databases – delivering an enterprise-grade platform that can be trusted.

DataRobot at Strata + Hadoop World
The announcement was made today ahead of DataRobot CEO, Jeremy Achin’s session at Strata + Hadoop World. The details of his session are as follows:

Time: 2:55 – 3:35 PM ET
Location: 1-C04/1-C05
Session Details: In today’s world, executives need to be the drivers for data science solutions. To remain competitive in a rapidly changing business environment, data analysis has moved from the domain of data scientists into the forefront of core strategic initiatives, requiring planning and decision-making at the highest levels of an organization.

In this session, attendees will learn how executives are transforming their businesses with machine learning and improving their top and bottom lines.


About DataRobot
DataRobot provides a high performance machine learning automation software platform and an innovative practical data science education program that work together to provide the fastest path to data science success for organizations of all sizes.  For more information, visit datarobot.com.

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Suzanne Block for DataRobot
E: datarobot@merrittgrp.com
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