DataRobot and the World Economic Forum

We’re proud to partner with the World Economic Forum to help shape the future of AI and machine learning

AI Governance and Responsible Use of Tech

To promote discussion and action around the responsible use of AI and machine learning, DataRobot is teaming up with the World Economic Forum , an international organization that is committed to improving the state of the world.

DataRobot will work within the World Economic Forum multi-stakeholder community, including industry leaders and public policy makers, on initiatives aimed at building a more ethical, explainable, and equitable AI ecosystem.

How it Started

In 2019, DataRobot formed a Trusted AI function. This caught the attention of the World Economic Forum, who invited Trusted AI lead Ted Kwartler to participate in its report, Ethics by Design, focused on the responsible use of technology.

The report profiled DataRobot as a case study in the operationalization of trust in AI both internally and externally, complimenting the integration of product and ethics teams and the encouragement of discussion of sensitive issues. Impressed by our commitment to improving governance and operationalizing trust, the World Economic Forum invited us to be more formally involved in their initiatives related to the responsible use of technology.

World Economic Forum report

Ethics by Design: An organizational approach to responsible use of technology

  • “Machine learning and artificial intelligence are rapidly advancing and are being deployed across all aspects of daily life. As this technology continues to develop and adoption grows, collaboration across organizations is essential to optimizing accountability, transparency, privacy, and impartiality. This initiative brings together experts who are not only looking to explore the positive impact AI can have on society at large, but who will also ensure trust in the organizations and individuals leveraging the technology”
    Kay Firth-Butterfield
    Kay Firth-Butterfield

    Head of AI & Machine Learning and Member of the Executive Committee of the World Economic Forum

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