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5 AI Solutions Every Wealth Manager Needs

Providing banking and investment services to high net worth individuals and families is a business rich in history and tradition, but one that is changing rapidly. The battle for profitable clients is intensifying, as is the demand for increasingly sophisticated services by those clients. Moreover, traditional wealth management firms are being further challenged by upstart fintech providers and the rise of “do-it-yourself” investing using exchange-traded funds. Because of all these challenges, a key danger for today’s wealth managers is complacency.


The most innovative wealth management firms are exploring artificial intelligence (AI) using machine learning as a means of keeping ahead of a rapidly changing marketplace. Effective applications of AI can help wealth management firms target new client prospects, develop new investment products, increase client profitability by deepening relationships, eliminate operational inefficiencies, and more effectively manage risk.

This eBook describes five key AI use cases that every Wealth Manager needs to address:

  • Generating new business through targeted marketing
  • Needs-based products and services for relationship deepening
  • Cash management and liquidity forecasting
  • Regulatory due diligence
  • Operational efficiency