Using AI and Time Series Models to Improve Demand Forecasting

DataRobot Using AI and Time Series Models to Improve Demand Forecasting Resource card v2.0

Time series machine learning models allow organizations to predict future values based on past and present data. Translation: companies can use time series to solve critical problems such as optimizing staffing levels, managing inventory, forecasting future product demand, and more.


In this on-demand webinar, DataRobot’s Chief Scientist Michael Schmidt and General Manager of Time Series Jay Schuren explain time series analysis and its real-world use cases with a focus on retail demand forecasting methods. The webinar concludes with a demo of DataRobot Time Series, which makes it possible for organizations to automatically develop highly accurate time series models without programming knowledge.

DataRobot Using AI and Time Series Models to Improve Demand Forecasting Resource card v2.0

You’ll discover:

  • Why time series analysis is critical to any organization dealing with time-sensitive operations
  • Key challenges companies face when looking to develop traditional time series machine learning models
  • Time series use cases and success stories
  • A demo of DataRobot Time Series showcasing how the product automates time series feature engineering, problem setup, backtesting, and modeling to achieve the highest possible accuracy


Michael Schmidt

Chief Scientist, formerly Nutonian

Jay Shcuren
Jay Schuren

General Manager and Data Scientist, DataRobot

  • DataRobot's platform makes my work exciting, my job fun, and the results more accurate and timely -- it's almost like magic!
    Omair Tariq

    Data Analyst, Symphony Post Acute Network

  • I think we need to take it upon ourselves in the industry to build the predictive models that understand what the needs and wants of our customers are, and go through the whole curation process, become their concierge.
    Oliver Rees

    General Manager – Torque Data at Virgin Australia

  • At LendingTree, we recognize that data is at the core of our business strategy to deliver an exceptional, personalized customer experience. DataRobot transforms the economics of extracting value from this resource.
    Akshay Tandon
    Akshay Tandon

    VP of Strategy Analytics, LendingTree

  • DataRobot allows us to understand the data that’s being fed into our models without blindly feeding whatever we get into our system. DataRobot makes my team very effective.
    Deena Narayanaswamy
    Deena Narayanaswamy

    Head of Data Insights, Avant

  • We know part of the science and the heavy lifting are intrinsic to the DataRobot technology. Prior to working with DataRobot, the modeling process was more hands-on. Now, the platform has optimized and automated many of the steps, while still leaving us in full control. Without DataRobot, we would need to add two full-time staffers to replace what DataRobot delivers.