Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

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Experience Time Series Analysis Unleashed with Kx and DataRobot

The world’s fastest time series database meets the world’s most automated, time-aware AI
solution. See how to harness the nanosecond precision that kdb+ time series database is
known for to automatically build, deploy, manage, and monitor time-aware machine learning
models with DataRobot’s Automated Time Series analysis solution across a wide variety of


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Financial Services

DataRobot Automated Time Series solution and kdb+ fast track the implementation of AI-driven investment strategies across all asset classes (equities, fixed income, FX and commodities), as well as use cases in key activities, including research, sales, trading, operations, risk management, compliance, and surveillance.

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The combination of kdb+ and DataRobot Automated Time Series unlocks the true potential of IoT data by rapidly searching through the vast array of data to discover meaningful patterns and fuel impactful predictive forecasts across a multitude of IoT uses.

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Manufacturing and Production Management

Incorporating AI across discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, manufacturing operations and production asset management has never been easier with kdb+ and DataRobot Automated Time Series.