Experience How Automated Machine Learning Transforms Banking Firsthand

With DataRobot, some of the top banks in the world are harnessing the power of automated machine learning to build AI solutions to some of their toughest problems, from fraud prevention to churn reduction to loss forecasting. Automated machine learning standardizes data science best practices without hand coding, so your data science teams do more in less time with the same resources.  


And DataRobot offers advanced features for internal model review and governance, including automating model documentation — model risk validation is faster and easier than with traditional hand-coded models.


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Why DataRobot?

  • Automates machine learning, reducing time-to-discovery for predictive insights
  • Transforms decision-making by delivering more accurate, fine-tuned predictive models
  • Expands your bank’s pool of data science project contributors, opening up AI solutions across your enterprise

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  • Automated machine learning is a great enabler. At Harmoney, DataRobot is NOT replacing data scientists - in fact, I believe automation will increase demand for good, business-focused data science professionals.
    Andrew Cathie

    Chief Data Scientist, Harmoney

  • What DataRobot was able to accomplish in the first hour was more thorough and accurate than models we had built over the prior month.
    Dave Truzinzki

    Chief Digital Officer, Crest Financial

  • At LendingTree, we recognize that data is at the core of our business strategy to deliver an exceptional, personalized customer experience. DataRobot transforms the economics of extracting value from this resource.
    Akshay Tandon
    Akshay Tandon

    VP of Strategy Analytics, LendingTree

  • We wanted to use DataRobot to identify the key drivers that we hadn't considered. The speed of the platform is its strength, where it can generate results in less than an hour, instead of a few days. The speed encourages more people in the department and company to be involved with data science.
    Kwek Ee Ling

    Actuarial Senior Manager, NTUC Income

  • DataRobot not only empowered our data scientists by making them more productive, but is starting to democratize machine learning for our business analysts and data managers. The software itself is easy to use and understand. It is simple and gives clear results. It will be impactful to our organization and integral in advancing our overall AI strategy.
    Anthony Randall

    Digital Strategic Alliance Lead, Monsanto

  • DataRobot allows us to understand the data that’s being fed into our models without blindly feeding whatever we get into our system. DataRobot makes my team very effective.
    Deena Narayanaswamy
    Deena Narayanaswamy

    Head of Data Insights, Avant

  • We are using DataRobot to make some pretty huge decisions at Steward Health Care. DataRobot is very much a part of our growth strategy. It's uncharted territory for healthcare.
    Erin Sullivan

    Executive Director, Steward Health Care

  • The biggest impact DataRobot has had on Lenovo is that decisions are now made in a more proactive and precise way. As we get better and forecast accuracy keeps improving, people are becoming more confident and trusting of the process, the data, the models, and DataRobot.
    Rodrigo Bertin, Lenovo

    Senior Business Development Manager, Latin America

  • I think we need to take it upon ourselves in the industry to build the predictive models that understand what the needs and wants of our customers are, and go through the whole curation process, become their concierge.
    Oliver Rees

    General Manager – Torque Data at Virgin Australia

  • DataRobot allows our IT developers to pick up supervised machine learning easily. It lowers the steep curve of machine learning and removes the complexity of the underlying models from the developers.
    Leong Hiong Yee

    Manager, IT Enterprise Information Management – Ascendas-Singbridge

  • DataRobot's platform makes my work exciting, my job fun, and the results more accurate and timely -- it's almost like magic!
    Omair Tariq

    Data Analyst, Symphony Post Acute Network

  • We know part of the science and the heavy lifting are intrinsic to the DataRobot technology. Prior to working with DataRobot, the modeling process was more hands-on. Now, the platform has optimized and automated many of the steps, while still leaving us in full control. Without DataRobot, we would need to add two full-time staffers to replace what DataRobot delivers.