Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

Experience How Automated Machine Learning Transforms Banking Firsthand

With DataRobot, some of the top banks in the world are harnessing the power of automated machine learning to build AI solutions to some of their toughest problems, from fraud prevention to churn reduction to loss forecasting. Automated machine learning standardizes data science best practices without hand coding, so your data science teams do more in less time with the same resources.  


And DataRobot offers advanced features for internal model review and governance, including automating model documentation — model risk validation is faster and easier than with traditional hand-coded models.


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Why DataRobot?

  • Automates machine learning, reducing time-to-discovery for predictive insights
  • Transforms decision-making by delivering more accurate, fine-tuned predictive models
  • Expands your bank’s pool of data science project contributors, opening up AI solutions across your enterprise
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