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DataRobot awarded prestigious status

"AWS Machine Learning Competency"

Large, medium or small - there is no doubt about the impact of predictive modeling in any insurance company. The question that everyone is asking - how can we bring a sustainable, cost-effective and inclusive predictive modeling strategy within the organization? Automated Machine Learning is the answer to that question.

Satadru Sengupta
Satadru Sengupta

General Manager
DataRobot Insurance

Embrace machine learning

Embrace machine learning.
Boost data science productivity.

DataRobot helps insurers and other industries leverage the power of machine learning, providing a platform for users of all skill levels to produce accurate predictions in a fraction of the time required by conventional tools and methods. Leveraging the knowledge, experience, and best practices of the world’s leading data scientists, DataRobot automates the machine learning process, from data to deployment.

DataRobot supports today’s insurance industry advanced machine learning techniques, including Generalized Additive Models (GAM), offset and exposure algorithms, and the Tweedie family of loss functions. To leverage the most innovative techniques, DataRobot uses a diverse and ever-growing set of best-in-class, open-source tools like Apache Spark, H2O, Python, R, TensorFlow, Vowpal Wabbit, and XGboost. Deployment is quick and painless.

Check out the DataRobot Insurance Product Data Sheet to learn more!

With DataRobot you will:

Empower actuaries

DataRobot perfectly complements actuaries' deep business acumen and mathematical background. It combines an intuitive web interface and graphical model assessment tools with flexible programming APIs, so you can work with the tools you know.

Enable collaboration

Actuaries, underwriters, claims adjusters, fraud investigators, and other stakeholders work together on machine learning projects with DataRobot. Collaboration moves machine learning out of the skunk works and into the front office.

Be interpretable and transparent

With DataRobot's Automated Machine Learning software, every step in the modeling process is visible and reproducible. DataRobot explains its predictions by highlighting the most influential factors, so your team can explain results to customers, executives and regulators.

Solve many problems

Insurers use the DataRobot platform for machine learning across many different business functions, such as Actuarial, Claims, Fraud, Marketing, and Underwriting.

Reduce time to value

DataRobot uses distributed computing to run many experiments in parallel. Once your organization approves a model, DataRobot offers multiple options for deployment, including native scoring, exportable prediction code and prediction APIs.

Be enterprise-ready

DataRobot works with your data wherever it resides: relational databases, Hadoop, text files and many other sources. It runs on free-standing clusters, in Hadoop under YARN or as a managed service in the cloud.

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