Getting Started with DataRobot Predictive AI


Creating stand-alone ML models can be relatively simple, but extracting true value from AI involves integrating these models into your existing environment, deploying to production, and transforming them into valuable and actionable insights – This is where things can get tricky.

This lab is your opportunity to get started with the DataRobot AI Platform and learn how to unify all of these processes and build your next-level AI lifecycle.

Walk away with:

  • How to effectively integrate the ML lifecycle into your existing environment.
  • Diverse techniques to enhance and optimize AI experimentation, utilizing the flexibility of both code-first and code-free approaches.
  • Insights into refining your models to achieve better performance and valuable insights.
  • Best practices for deploying ML models to production, ensuring scalability, reliability, and governance.

Hands-on lab prerequisites:

  • Sign up for: DataRobot account
  • Familiarity with Python, AI experimentation, and AI production


James Lee
James Lee

Senior Data Scientist