Big Data & AI Paris 2022

September 26-27, 2022
Palais des congrès, Paris

Discover DataRobot at Big Data & AI Paris

With more than 350 presentations, 250 exhibiting companies, and 15,000 participants, Big Data & AI Paris offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest market trends and network with all data and artificial intelligence professionals in France.

DataRobot is excited to be holding both a workshop and technology session at Big Data & AI Paris this year. Come visit us at booth A23 on the expo floor or book a 1:1 meeting and meet with our team live onsite.

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Exhibit Location
  • Palais des congrès, Paris, Stand A23
  • Meeting Room 127M
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Exhibit Hours
  • Monday, September 26 | 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday, September 27 | 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM


Speaking Session:

Sep, 27 16:10-16:35

Conference room 2

Why and how to leverage Data Science at CPAM Loire Atlantique ?

To meet the requirements of performance and proximity, the Data Team of CPAM Loire-Atlantique have used machine learning solutions to better understand the “work stopped” compensation system and take proactive actions based on identified factors while optimizing work force and reducing costs.

The team was able to identify key factors to rethink our processing times to reduce delays. Models are currently being deployed to the entire network — one project aims to better address employers and take actions to retrieve faster the information that are needed to carry out payments of work stoppages daily allowances.

The other project is related to our processing times at the worker level by predicting incoming calls.

Christophe Quemeneur
Christophe Quemeneur

Assistant Director, CPAM de Loire-Atlantique

Workshop Session:

Sep 26, 10:00-10:30

How Matmut is scaling up AI

One year ago, after a successful Proof of Value, Matmut chose to implement the DataRobot AI Enterprise solution. DataRobot covers the entire cycle from development to deployment to monitoring of AI models in production at scale. This allows them to gain productivity and agility, and to multiply the projects and AI solutions deployed within the Enterprise.Indeed, the choice of DataRobot has to some extent guided the organization of the newly created Data Department into three poles of excellence: Data Analytics, Data Science, and Data Engineering. This structure favors collaboration between the data, business and IT teams. In doing so, Matmut has succeeded in multiplying the AI initiatives and projects that today generate significant gains in a regulated industry.

Mama M’hamed
Mama M’hamed

Head of Data Science, Matmut

Nicolas Renard
Nicolas Renard

Head of Data Engineering, Matmut

Mathieu Zeinel
Mathieu Zeinel

AI Success Director, DataRobot

Technical session:

Sep 27, 10:15-11:00

The democratization of AI in action

Today companies are no longer satisfied with prototype AI, they want AI implemented in business processes and at scale. This is a strategy fraught with pitfalls. How can AI deliver on its promise? What is the state of play on the data science structures in place? What are the failure factors and solutions?

 Octo Technology and DataRobot have contributed to many AI missions. Together, we have seen patterns repeat themselves on data science projects, with failures to be removed and good practices to be kept.

This session offers solutions for having to have a robust team that takes AI projects through to implementation.  For scaling, a strategy that is increasingly used is democratization.

But democratizing AI is not an easy initiative. We will present you the essential ingredients to implement it correctly in your organizations. A simulation with a multidisciplinary team will allow you to observe democratization in action!

Lenaig Tasso
Lenaig Tasso

Consultant Data Scientist

Jean-Baptiste Larraufie
Jean-Baptiste Larraufie

Consultant Data, Octo Technology

Ming-Li Gridel
Ming-Li Gridel

Director, Data Science Practice, DataRobot

Baydir Bouali
Baydir Bouali

Customer facing data scientist, DataRobot

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