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Forrester Data Strategy & Insights
Data Strategy & Insights provides the thought leadership, strategic direction, and networking opportunities you need to shape your data, analytics, and AI strategy for the decade ahead. This is the event where data and analytics leaders can learn how to transform their organizations into insight-driven businesses.

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Wednesday, Oct 14, 2pm - 2pm
Unraveling AIs Biggest Mystery: The Journey to Finally Getting Value from AI
Sivan Metzger
While you have hired top-notch data scientists to build models & invested in data science tools, your AI projects still may not be getting off the ground. MLOps solves this challenge by bridging the gap between data & IT Ops teams, providing the capabilities that both teams need to work together to deploy, monitor, manage, and govern machine learning models in production. In this presentation, we provide insights into what MLOps is & how any organization can adopt it to finally derive value from machine learning projects.