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U.S. Army Increases Financial Agility with AI

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The U.S. Army increases financial agility with AI by reclaiming funds for high-priority projects, with $2.2B+ in excess funds identified at a 3x higher yield.

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Find an innovative AI solution that could help contracting officers accurately predict the contracts most likely to underspend their funding so they could quickly deobligate and reallocate these funds to other high priority projects.
Leverage DataRobot AI Platform to ensure proper governance of predictions for contracts at risk of excess funds and triage prioritized contracts in dashboards to empower contracting officers to reclaim funds—all in a highly visualized, self-managing, and sustainable environment that boosts financial agility.
Deobligated and reallocated $2.2B from expiring Army contracts since July 2020. Set foundation to build and deploy more financial models and tools. Slashed thousands of staff hours by automating the deobligation process. 1,500+ users & 3–5x better at finding high-risk contracts than officers alone.

When the U.S. Army looked into technology that could spot funds with the potential to be lost due to expiring contracts, it tapped AI to find contracts with unused funds, empowering contracting officers to reclaim the money and reallocate it to other vital areas—boosting the deobligation rate and saving thousands of staff hours. The Unliquidated Obligation (ULO) project was born out of the Army’s HQ Analytics Lab (HAL) and Deep Green OBT initiatives.

Our model was deployed into the Army Vantage Platform allowing Army Contracting Command to de-obligate those funds and reuse them for other priorities. The Army has identified nearly $1B annually over the last two years and reallocated these critical funds due, in part, to successful machine learning technology.
Bakari Dale EDA Director
Bakari Dale

Army Senior Advisor, Enterprise Data Science & AI, U.S. Army

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