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AI-Powered Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

DataRobot has been supporting a number of critical efforts to beat COVID-19, becoming an expert in COVID-19 data, challenges, and solutions by leveraging AI.

Uniting Machine and Human Intelligence to Stop the Pandemic

In early 2020, DataRobot dedicated more than 200 data scientists and engineers in the effort to solve the most important data science problem in the world — COVID-19 — and produced rapid, transformative solutions.

DataRobot built a COVID-19 Long-term Forecasting and Simulation Decision Intelligence Platform with clear objectives to identify the impacted communities from a national to county level, provide models that identify and enable individuals unaware of virus spread to take action, and provide key guidance for vaccine trial and testing strategies. These objectives directly resulted in more equitable vaccine trials that enhanced safety and reduced the risk of adverse events. Additionally, DataRobot has provided visibility into crucial data for the national hospital capacity for beds, ICUs, and ventilators.

DataRobot remains committed to solving America’s COVID-19 problem by addressing inadequate diagnostic data-reporting systems and supporting our partners in federal, state, and local government to effectively track viral transmission as we prepare for a return to normalcy.

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DataRobot Subsidiary ContagionNet Announces a Solution to End All Pandemics with Rapid Testing

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AI-Powered Healthcare
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Supporting K-12 schools reopening by automating reporting and supply exchange process for frequent testing

Remote Learning Has Consequences 

The COVID-19 pandemic has uprooted the lives of students — and their families — across the U.S. as they have been removed from the classroom. K-12 education, which has been primarily reduced to remote-learning, has greatly diminished the educational experience that is essential for students’ development and has placed an undue burden on working-class parents. 

Getting Kids Back to School: Frequent and Affordable Testing

Access to frequent antigen tests and accurate reporting is essential to reopening schools safely for students and teachers alike. Frequent testing stops the spread of the virus and the data collected allows communities, health authorities, and federal entities to monitor and provide guidance, as needed.

Returning Children Safely to Classrooms in Less Than a Month

Since the beginning of 2021, the Department of Health and Human Services and DataRobot have worked together with local health sponsors to deploy over 100,000 antigen tests in the Philadelphia area. As a result of this collaboration, more than 450 schools have reopened to in-person learning, using rapid antigen tests to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. These programs can be accessible and repeatable throughout the United States.

Want to help students near you return to the classroom?

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Preventing Future Pandemics: ContagionNET

Detecting contagious people soon after they were exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus allows for them to self-quarantine earlier in the disease life cycle. Affordable and accessible testing is the solution that can empower people, protect communities and save millions of lives. Combining tests with technology helps prevent data gaps for reporting and provides more granular insights to public health authorities. Frequent, affordable testing at the right time is key to helping us to prevent future pandemics. 

ContagionNET is an initiative incubated within DataRobot. The solution provides an antigen test combined with a digital platform that allows healthcare providers to make fast decisions at the point of care.

Learn how ContagionNET can help us end the pandemic from our homes and return to normalcy