Qlik Financial Services Summit

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Qlik Financial Services Summit
117 W46th Street, New York, New York
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As the digital transformation in financial services accelerates, it is a must-do for leading firms to gain a competitive advantage by being data literate, having access to the right data mixed with the right analytics strategies. Financial Services organizations are looking to lead with data to uncover transformational insights and enrich every decision across all aspects of their operations. Learn how Qlik is at the forefront of 3rd Generation of Business Intelligence, leveraging AI to drive data literacy across organizations, from the edge to the point of decision.


Wednesday, Feb 26, 3pm - 4pm
Giving Financial Services An AI Upgrade
Joslee Torres, Patrick Nussbaumer
The industry realizes the need to embrace AI and automated machine learning in order to stay competitive. Financial services enterprises are under pressure from new technology-enabled competitors, increasing regulatory requirements, the pressure to simplify the client experience, and the need to reduce costs.  This session will deliver AI and machine learning use cases focused on providing ROI for financial services, along with a demonstration of how DataRobot, the leader in enterprise AI, integrates with Qlik to unlock powerful insights through augmented intelligence and integrated machine learning.