Take advantage of automated machine learning
to achieve your business goals.

With support for on-premise standalone servers, Hadoop infrastructure, or in a VPC, DataRobot offers blazing performance, strict adherence to controls, and a relentless focus on data protection.
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"LendingTree 社にとってデータはビジネス戦略の中核にあり、一人ひとりに合った卓越した顧客エクスペリエンスを提供するうえで欠かせません。DataRobot を導入して以来、この資源から低コストで価値を引き出せるようになりました。"

Akshay Tandon 氏
Akshay Tandon 氏
LendingTree 社、戦略分析担当副社長


Now that machine learning impacts an ever-increasing number of business processes, it is no longer optional to treat it as a developer's tool with minimal security, privacy and business continuity safeguards. In fact, it is critical that a platform for building and deploying models is hardened, trusted and integrated with the ecosystem of technologies within an organization.

DataRobot is deployed by some of the largest Fortune 100 organizations around the world. Features that make DataRobot truly enterprise grade include:

  • “Four nines” of availability (99.99%)
  • Distributed and self-healing architecture
  • Seamless integration with enterprise security technologies
  • Hadoop cluster plug-and-play
  • Multiple popular database certifications

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