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Visual AI

DataRobot Automated Machine Learning with Visual AI helps your machine learning models see the big picture.

Visual AI extends DataRobot Automated Machine Learning and enables novice and expert users to easily build and deploy highly accurate and explainable machine learning models with images using commodity hardware.

Easy to Use. Easy to Explain. Easy to Get Value.

Image Models for Everyone

DataRobot Automated Machine Learning with Visual AI means you can work with images just like any other type of data. Behind the scenes, DataRobot automates the preparation, selection, and training of a wide variety of cutting-edge deep learning models, and recommend the best model for deployment.


Visual AI instantly brings support for classification and regression use cases with images to the DataRobot Automated Machine Learning product, but also takes things one step further. Visual AI allows users to use images alongside as many other feature types in your dataset as you like. This includes feature types such as numeric, categorical, date, and text. This enables innovation in new ways, through the use of diverse data types providing much broader data perspectives to your AI models.

Unmatched Ease of Use

Through the familiar DataRobot UI, just drag and drop a zip file of images into a new project or upload your images into DataRobot’s AI Catalog to share across the enterprise. Then, pick a target variable and push the Start button to automate the preparation, selection, and training of a huge variety of cutting-edge deep learning models.

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Images. But Not Just Images.

Visual AI instantly unlocks image-based classification and regression use cases, and allows you to use numeric, categorical, date and text features alongside images in the same model. Visual AI provides new perspectives to existing models and enables entirely new types of models.

Explainable Decisions for Full Transparency

To inspire confidence and build trust in your AI, it is essential that your models are explainable and understood at the most granular levels of detail. The DataRobot platform offers the only automated machine learning product for images that provides full transparency and visibility into every step and every decision made by every single model.

No GPUs Necessary

Use the infrastructure you already have in place. You can train and deploy Visual AI models on commodity hardware in a fraction of the time and cost than alternative approaches. Visual AI is part of the DataRobot Enterprise AI Platform, which democratizes data science and automates the end-to-end process to prepare, build, deploy, and maintain AI at scale. Run DataRobot Automated Machine Learning with Visual AI in your cloud of choice, on-premise, or as a fully-managed AI service.

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