Automated Machine Learning

Automate and democratize the creation of advanced machine learning models that incorporate our world-class data science expertise.

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You want to invest in AI and machine learning, but rapid change, vendor churn, hype, and jargon make it hard to choose an AI vendor. In this webinar recording, you’ll learn what to consider as you seek a partner in AI, and get real-world AI implementation best practices from Pauline McKinney, Vice President of Data and Analytics at Wellen Capital.

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Automated Machine Learning

DataRobot invented automated machine learning in 2013, and since then we’ve incorporated over 1.4 million hours of engineering innovation into this market-leading product. Unlike other tools that provide limited automation for select portions of the data science workflow, our Automated Machine Learning product automates all of the steps needed to build, deploy, and maintain powerful AI applications at scale.

Our experienced data science teams are constantly adding the latest open source machine learning algorithms to the platform, with unique blueprints that automatically optimize data preprocessing, feature engineering, and tuning parameters for each algorithm. DataRobot builds and ranks dozens of models for each AI use case and recommends the best model to deploy. Then, monitors all models in production so you always have the best AI possible.

Data scientists gain access to the largest library of powerful open-source algorithms, and can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks so they can focus on AI value creation. And, empowered and enabled citizen data scientists can use their unique domain knowledge to build machine learning models and increase your overall capacity for AI.

Accelerated AI

Improve the productivity of your existing data scientists while increasing your capacity for AI by empowering citizen data scientists. DataRobot incorporates the latest and most powerful open-source libraries into powerful blueprints that automate all of the steps and advanced techniques that data scientists use. Built-in guardrails at every step ensure best practices are consistently followed.

Intuitive AI

View details about every step in the model building process, including how data was processed, what features were engineered, and what algorithms were used. Easily identify the data that has the greatest impact on model results. And, get human-friendly explanations for every prediction made by the model. The result? An unprecedented level of trust for critical business decisions.

Production AI

Operationalize and scale machine learning by putting models into production with a single click. You can deploy to an API endpoint, publish to Hadoop, download scoring code, or use the UI to get batch predictions for the ultimate in flexibility. Then, monitor the service health and accuracy of deployed models and replace them with updated versions with no service interruption.

Enterprise AI

Generate maximum value from AI with a governed platform that is built for the Enterprise. Choose from on-premise, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and fully-managed cloud offerings, with support for the most prevalent enterprise security policies and IT standards to inspire confidence during all steps on the path to value.

Automated Machine Learning In Action


Lenovo, one of the world's largest technology companies, invoices more than $45 billion of computers, laptops, and accessories globally each year. The Chinese multinational company considers Brazil to be one of its primary emerging markets.

DataRobot has already helped Lenovo more accurately predict sell out volume and, as a result, Lenovo has surged to become the leader in volume share on notebook sales for the B2C segment in Brazil. With numerous other machine learning initiatives in the pipeline, Rodrigo and his team are poised to leverage the power of AI to dominate the huge market opportunity facing Lenovo in Brazil.

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The biggest impact DataRobot has had on Lenovo is that decisions are now made in a more proactive and precise way.
Rodrigo Bertin
Rodrigo Bertin

Senior Business Development Manager, Latin America, Lenovo Brazil

What people say
  • DataRobot not only empowered our data scientists by making them more productive, but is starting to democratize machine learning for our business analysts and data managers. The software itself is easy to use and understand. It is simple and gives clear results. It will be impactful to our organization and integral in advancing our overall AI strategy.
    Anthony Randall

    Digital Strategic Alliance Lead, Monsanto

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