Automated Machine Learning

Augment your expertise with world-class automation. Build and deploy your best-in-class machine learning models, and unlock the value of your AI for your organization.

Next Generation of AI. Build AI with Speed and Scale.

AI is reshaping every industry and organization. As it continues to grow, solutions built on machine learning will become the new norm. To meet the demands of the modern world, you have to experiment fast, collaborate effectively, and accelerate your AI solutions across the entire organization.

DataRobot’s Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) solution empowers AI Creators at many organizations to apply their domain expertise and deliver best-in-class models without sacrificing time and trust.

End-to-End AI: a Guide to the DataRobot AI Platform

Your Expertise Augmented with world-class Automation

New to data science? Leverage best data science practices and out-of-the-box capabilities to get started. Love coding and are interested in experimenting more with custom data pipelines and tasks? With Data-Centric pipelines and Composable ML, you get full control and flexibility to create your best-in-class model.

DataRobot builds and ranks dozens of models for every AI use case and provides recommendations on the best ones to deploy based on accuracy and prediction speed. You have full flexibility to experiment, compare, and build the best model that corresponds to your business needs.

Composable ML

Maximize the Potential of All Your Data

The DataRobot AI Platform allows you to build innovative new models from incredibly diverse data types. It contains a massive library of open-source and proprietary models, from classic regression and complex multiclass classification to the latest deep learning algorithms.

You can use any data from any source, from traditional tabular data and raw text to visual and geospatial. You can use different data types in a single model or use them separately. With a wide range of options for experimentation, you can tackle various data science problems, such as classification, multilabeling, anomaly detection, clustering, and regression with out-of-the-box capabilities for no-code, low-code, or full-code experiences.


AI You Can Trust

DataRobot offers a model-agnostic framework that enables owners to interpret results, make informed adjustments, and access easy-to-use and state-of-the-art interpretation techniques for all your models. You can receive local explanations to explain every single prediction you’ve made. DataRobot also offers global explanation techniques to understand model behavior, including feature importance and partial dependence insights. You can generate individualized, fully customizable compliance documentation for each model to accelerate regulatory reviews. Bias Testing will help you detect bias at an early stage of the modeling process and understand the root cause.

Explainable AI

Clear Path to Production with a Few Clicks

It’s never been so easy to get a model built and operationalize AI across your organization. Once you’ve built the model, it’s ready for production and can be deployed with a single click or line of code to the environment of your choice. With MLOps, you can have a single place to manage and monitor any model, regardless of where it was deployed. With Continuous AI, you can create multiple MLOps retraining strategies to refresh your production models based on the schedule of your choosing—like when accuracy drops below a predetermined threshold or data drift occurs. After you deploy your model, you can build any AI-powered app that will help to simplify AI consumption and empower frontline decision-makers.

Composable ML
Explainable AI

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