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Automate and democratize the creation of advanced machine learning models that incorporate our world-class data science expertise.

Your Intelligence Revolution Starts Here

In 2013, DataRobot invented automated machine learning — and an entirely new category of software as a result. Since then we’ve incorporated over 1.4 million hours of engineering innovation and data science best practices into this market-leading product. Unlike other tools that provide limited automation for the complex journey from raw data to return on investment, our Automated Machine Learning product supports all of the steps needed to prepare, build, deploy, monitor, and maintain powerful AI applications at enterprise scale.

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DataRobot’s Automated Machine Learning product accelerates the productivity of your data science team, while increasing your capacity for AI by empowering existing analysts to become citizen data scientists. This enables your organization to open the floodgates to innovation and start your intelligence revolution today.

End-to-End Acceleration

DataRobot is the only product to automate the entire data science lifecycle from raw data to value. Built-in guardrails at every step ensure best practices are consistently followed – from automated data preparation and feature engineering that gets your data ready, to automatic model selection, training, and testing to recommend the best option for your production environment. DataRobot even automates model deployment, monitoring, and management, so you always get the most accurate predictions possible.

Diverse Data and Models

DataRobot allows you to move beyond typical automated machine learning and build innovative new models from incredibly diverse types of data. It contains a massive library of open-source and proprietary models from classic regression and complex multiclass classification, to the latest deep learning algorithms and more with every release. Our models work with tabular data, raw text and images, and are obsessively tested on real-world use cases to offer practical applications of next-level AI for your entire organization.

Human-Friendly Explanations

DataRobot provides fully explainable AI through human-friendly visual insights and automated model documentation with blueprints that describe each step in the modeling process and the algorithms used. You can evaluate any model using our Lift Chart, ROC Curve, Confusion Matrix, and more. We also provide visual explanations for every single prediction so you can understand exactly which features influence decisions. Our explainable AI gives you the confidence to put your models into production, demystifies your AI for risk and compliance purposes, and delivers a level of trust your business can rely on.

Fully Operational Predictions

All DataRobot models are instantly ready for production and can be deployed with a single click to make your AI fully operational. You can monitor models via a centralized dashboard to see service health and usage in real-time. Manage model accuracy to easily understand which features have drifted and deploy updates with no service interruption. DataRobot gets your models out of the lab so you can realize ROI from your AI today.

Visual AI

Visual AI extends DataRobot Automated Machine Learning and enables novice and expert users to easily build and deploy highly accurate and explainable machine learning models with images using commodity hardware.

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How DataRobot works

  • Ingest your data
  • Select the target variable
  • Build hundreds of models in one click
  • Explore top models and get insights
  • Deploy the best model

Automated Machine Learning In Action


Lenovo, one of the world's largest technology companies, invoices more than $45 billion of computers, laptops, and accessories globally each year. The Chinese multinational company considers Brazil to be one of its primary emerging markets.

DataRobot has already helped Lenovo more accurately predict sell out volume and, as a result, Lenovo has surged to become the leader in volume share on notebook sales for the B2C segment in Brazil. With numerous other machine learning initiatives in the pipeline, Rodrigo and his team are poised to leverage the power of AI to dominate the huge market opportunity facing Lenovo in Brazil.

DataRobot Enterprise AI Platform Data Sheet
The biggest impact DataRobot has had on Lenovo is that decisions are now made in a more proactive and precise way.
Rodrigo Bertin
Rodrigo Bertin

Senior Business Development Manager, Latin America, Lenovo Brazil

What people say
  • DataRobot not only empowered our data scientists by making them more productive, but is starting to democratize machine learning for our business analysts and data managers. The software itself is easy to use and understand. It is simple and gives clear results. It will be impactful to our organization and integral in advancing our overall AI strategy.
    Anthony Randall

    Digital Strategic Alliance Lead, Monsanto

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