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What Can AI Do When the Heart Fails?

AI has been expected to transform how we deliver Healthcare services for more than a decade; But COVID-19 has accelerated its utilization in the last year alone. While the development of tools for combatting the pandemic are still front of mind, researchers and practitioners are starting to shift their recent learnings to their more traditional fields of focus.

In this webinar, you will learn about the potential of AI in combating cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of deaths globally. It will speak to recent findings and applications of AI and ML in relation to heart and vascular health and identify current knowledge gaps that urgently need increased research and attention.

The viewer will come away with:

  • A vision and ideas for AI/ML integration within healthcare and preventative medicine
  • 5 things needed to to make AI deployment successful in your organization
  • An understanding of Augmented Intelligence in Healthcare
  • Examples of AI model building in Healthcare and how to avoid bias


Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor

Chief AI Evangelist, DataRobot

Sally Embrey
Sally Embrey

Field Chief Technology Officer, Healthcare, DataRobot

Mackenzie Heiser
Mackenzie Heiser

Senior Product Manager, DataRobot

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