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Leveling Up to Hyperscale AI through Improved Collaboration

AI projects are often created and left stagnant. It is the lucky few whose AI projects are one-and-done. The greatest organizations reach hyperscale with hundreds and even thousands of successful models deployed. Learn how the best organizations succeed in becoming AI-driven and realizing the enormous benefits.

As firms move up the AI maturity curve, they typically invest more resources to realize more value. Last year, AI leaders spent about 18% more than beginners as a share of revenue, and the ROI was over 500%.

In this webinar, we will share how and why companies should mature from experimental AI to transformational AI, becoming a well-oiled machine with hundreds or thousands of deployments.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to facilitate human collaboration at scale across all departments
  • How to deal with managing and upkeep at a higher scale
  • Best practices of the most successful data science organization structures
  • How to improve executive buy-in for data science projects


Ari Kaplan
Ari Kaplan

AI Evangelist, DataRobot

Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor

Chief AI Evangelist, DataRobot

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