On-Demand Webinar

How Retailers Are Now Embedding AI in Their Data-Driven Culture

The Empowered Consumer is more connected and informed than at any other time in retail history. Retailers must now start anticipating and predicting their consumer’s evolving needs and habits by transforming their business decisions through embedding AI in their data-driven culture. Learn how best-in-class retailers are using AI and machine learning to identify signals and patterns in their data to become truly customer-centric.

Join this webinar to learn how best-in-class retailers are using AI and automated machine learning to:

  • Identify signals and patterns in their data to become truly customer-centric
  • Adopt an AI Demand Forecasting approach
  • Increase operational efficiencies to ensure a frictionless customer experience


Ari Kaplan
Ari Kaplan

AI Evangelist, DataRobot

Ari Kaplan is a leading figure in machine learning, retail analytics, and business leadership. He joined DataRobot as Director of Industry Marketing focusing on CPG and retail. Prior he was Nieslen’s Midwest VP and Principal at IRI, successfully running several high-profile marketing analytics projects at Kroger, Ulta, PepsiCo, Kimberly Clark, and Unilever. Outside of CPG, he created the Chicago Cubs analytics department and served as assistant to the GM of the Orioles 2013-2018 with three playoff appearances. In business he was President of the worldwide Oracle users group during a period of high growth including the acquisition of MySQL, Java, and PeopleSoft. He has been the recipient of Caltech’s “Alumnus of the Decade”.