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Healthcare Unleashed: How to Unlock Healthcare Data Insights

It’s a pivotal time for global healthcare systems, with an increasing pressure to deliver better care at a lower cost. For most modern-day industry challenges, unlocking deeper insights from healthcare data is the solution. Whether it’s improving patient outcomes or solving for operational inefficiencies, harnessing the power of healthcare data unlocks infinite potential.

In this segment, Patrick Kovalik from Snowflake and Sally Embrey from DataRobot will dig deeper into data and AI solutions that address today’s critical healthcare challenges like labor shortages and algorithmic bias. They’ll also cover how to close the communication gap between data scientists and healthcare executives.

Join us to see how Snowflake and DataRobot’s end-to-end data solutions can address today’s challenges in the healthcare industry, transform your business for the better and ultimately save lives through data and AI.


Sally Embrey
Sally Embrey

Field Chief Technology Officer, Healthcare, DataRobot

Patrick Kovalik
Patrick Kovalik

Industry Principal, Healthcare & Life Sciences, SnowFlake

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