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AI-Driven Banking: Satisfied Customers and Safer Transactions


For major banks, building AI models for key use cases has a transformative impact on account holders and merchant satisfaction. Detecting financial crime, predicting merchant dollar volume, anticipating adoption rates, and smart pricing ops are all popular use cases driving customer satisfaction and safer banking transactions.

AI models deliver value in production, not merely as experiments in a data science lab. DataRobot is proud to work with seven of the top 10 banks in the United States and Evolutio routinely works with major global banks and FinTech organizations that provide enterprise services to the banking world. In this 60-minute webinar, the two organizations team up to describe how we enable AI-Driven Banking in the real world through four essential use cases.

Hear from DataRobot and Evolutio on:

  • The State of the Banking Industry
  • Banking AI Use Cases: Getting ML Models to Production in Fraud, Merchant Behavior, Account Holder Behavior, and Churn
  • Getting AI/ ML Models to Production - Bridging IT Ops and Data Science


Dennis Panos
Dennis Panos

Global Head of AI Strategy at DataRobot

Scott Munson
Scott Munson

VP of Data Science and AI, Evolutio

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