Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

How Nathan of Symphony Health Acquired his Data Science Superpowers

Data science has become the hottest job out there. But the challenges of developing and deploying predictive models can test the abilities of even the most seasoned professionals, making them feel like mere mortals at times. In this webinar recording, you’ll see a demo of DataRobot’s machine learning automation platform to discover how to turn your predictive analytics team into a League of Superheroes, cranking out predictive models at the speed of thought. You’ll also learn how Nathan Taylor from Symphony Post Acute Network became a data science superhero by adopting machine learning automation, improving the life of healthcare patients while:

  • Quickly completeing data science tasks that once took weeks
  • Rolling out models through a robust, easy-to-use enterprise-ready framework
  • Delivering more accurate results to his colleagues and educating management on results