Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

Dynamic Risk-Based Pricing in Fintech

Machine learning has quickly become the tool of choice for pricing a variety of financial products. Instead of utilizing legacy rules-based matrices for pricing, companies have turned to predictive modeling to understand the likelihood of default and overall borrower repayment performance. This has enabled companies to move from older pricing schemes to dynamic risk-based pricing.

Justin Dickerson, General Manager of Global Fintech for DataRobot and Igor Veksler, a leading Customer-Facing Data Scientist for DataRobot have both worked in the alternative finance industry as data scientists and led this transition to risk-based pricing for their respective organizations. As leaders at DataRobot, they currently share their expertise with clients and potential customers looking to leverage machine learning to make the transition to dynamic risk-based pricing.

In this on-demand webinar, Justin and Igor describe how DataRobot can help enable your enterprise to leverage automated machine learning to become a leader in risk-based pricing.

You'll discover how Automated Machine Learning provides:

  • The ability to develop and refresh predictive models at any time
  • The ability to deploy models with a click of a button
  • The ability to operationalize models by following a process that is user-centric


Justin Dickerson
General Manager of Global Fintech, DataRobot
Igor Veksler
Customer-Facing Data Scientist, DataRobot