Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

Advances in Fraud Detection with Automated Machine Learning

Preventing fraud is a mission-critical objective of every financial institution, including fintechs. But those committing fraud continue to evolve their tactics to evade detection by even the best prepared organizations.


On this on-demand webinar, you’ll get an overview of the current state of machine learning in fraud detection – and learn how you can stay one step ahead of those looking to harm your business.

You’ll discover how Automated Machine Learning provides:

  • The ability to develop and refresh fraud detection predictive models at any time
  • The ability to deploy models with a click of a button
  • The ability to operationalize fraud detection models by following a process that is user-centric


Justin Dickerson, PhD
General Manager of Global Financial Services, DataRobot
Igor Veksler
Customer-Facing Data Scientist, DataRobot