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Enhancing Fraud Detection with Automated Machine Learning and Streaming Analytics

DataRobot Enhancing Fraud Detection with Automated Machine Learning Resource card v2.0

Building predictive applications allow companies to respond to new threats and take advantage of developing opportunities. But executing these new applications against high-volume event streams with sub-second latency requires a powerful combination of machine learning and streaming analytics.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create and evaluate new machine learning models with DataRobot and deploy them within the SQLstream Blaze streaming analytics engine – so that you can identify risk in real-time and prevent fraud as it happens – rather than after the fact.

You'll discover how DataRobot and SQLstream Blaze provides:

  • Automated machine learning models that can be created by anyone
  • Rapid deployment against incoming, high-volume events with extremely low-latency
  • The ability to update those models seamlessly - with no downtime
  • Deep transparency, including prediction reason codes, to enable rapid, targeted investigations