Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

Enhancing Customer 360 Models with Automated Machine Learning

Predicting customer behavior is quite challenging. However, knowledge of a customer at an individual level offers enormous benefits. A company with such knowledge can provide better customer experience and retention, targeted marketing, increase sales, and proactive care. But many existing customer models are very macro in nature and fail to deliver at an individual level.

Machine Learning allows us to build such micro level models by taking into account all digital touch points of a customer with the company. These models will help predict what a customer is going to do next, what their near-future behavior will be and what response to anticipate from an action.

On this webinar, you’ll hear the current state of machine learning in Customer 360 – and then learn how you can stay one step ahead in building highly customer-centric models for your business.

You’ll discover how Automated Machine Learning provides:

  • The ability to develop and refresh Customer 360 predictive models at any time
  • The ability to deploy models with a click of a button
  • The ability to operationalize Customer 360 models by following a process that is user-centric