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Data Prep & Automated ML: Better Predictions For Consensus

DataRobot Data Prep Automated ML Better Predictions for Consensus Resource card v2.0

Financed smartphones are a magnet for identity theft, leaving retailers in the digital and telecommunication industry vulnerable to fraud. Consensus, a Target-owned subsidiary, has developed a highly accurate solution to identify fraud at the point-of-sale before it happens.


In this webinar hosted by Data Science Central, you will learn how Consensus put together agile processes on a cloud analytic solution leveraging Trifacta data preparation and DataRobot automated machine learning to prevent fraud.

Attendees will learn:

  • How Consensus developed this cloud based solution
  • The role of data preparation in supplying accurate data for machine learning models
  • How automated machine learning can drive more accurate predictions
  • Consensus’s time-saving ROI from building models, deploying them, and the improvement in accuracy and recall


Rajiv Shah
Rajiv Shah
Data Scientist, DataRobot
David McNamara
David McNamara
Lead Product Specialist, Trifacta
Harrison Lynch
Senior Director of Product Marketing, Consensus Corporation