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Effectively communicating the value of artificial intelligence insights

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In today’s era of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-assisted analytics, data analysts are crucial for bridging the growing data literacy gap. Successful analytical communicators don’t wait until the end of their analysis to communicate insights. Accurately defining projects, understanding what data to use, preventing bias, and interpreting and effectively communicating findings are all important skills for helping stakeholders understand results and get the most actionable value from automated machine learning projects.

In this webinar, Jen Underwood of DataRobot will walk through the best way to communicate the value of automated machine learning results with trustworthy visualizations throughout the entire analytical process, from use case definition to insight implementation.

Attend this webinar and learn about how to:

  • Quickly and easily build and deploy accurate predictive models
  • Plan, design, and visualize AI stories
  • Effectively translate AI insights using DataRobot and Tableau


Jen Underwood
Jen Underwood
Senior Director of Product Marketing, DataRobot
Mary Grace Glascott
Mary Grace Glascott
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tableau