Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

AI Adoption and the Insurance Industry: Breaking Through the Barriers

AI Adoption and the Insurance Industry

Advanced analytics is paramount to the success of any modern insurance organization. Today’s insurance professionals are interested in AI and machine learning but are unfamiliar with these new technologies and how to leverage the teams they currently have in place to harness the full potential that AI offers. Actuaries, data analysts, and other insurance professionals now have the ability to reduce fraudulent claims, predict underwriting risks, improve customer relationship management, and more with the insights automated machine learning provides.

Many of the largest major insurance companies around the world are using automated machine learning to transform into AI-driven organizations. In this webinar learn how insurers are increasingly relying on machine learning to improve efficiency and dramatically increase ROI.

During the webinar, Neal will:

  • Provide an overview of Automated Machine Learning
  • Discuss the most common use cases across the insurance industry
  • Offer a demo of DataRobot with a Q&A session
  • Give a deep dive into the various roles adopting AI within insurance companies and how to democratize AI


Neal Silbert
Neal Silbert
General Manager of Insurance, DataRobot