DataRobot 7.0

Released March 16, 2021

It’s our very first release of 2021, and we’re excited to share it with you. Release 7.0 of DataRobot, provides innovation across our entire platform through enhancements to all the products you know and love. We’ve improved our scoring tools in Data Prep, added image augmentation to Visual AI, introduced customizable compliance reports in AutoML and AutoTS, and added a way to easily compare your forecasting models to ours. In MLOps, we’ve added the ability to challenge any model built in any language or framework, and deployed to any environment. Here are the major headlines for this exciting new release.

Enhanced Prediction Preparation

Ultimate Flexibility For Scored Data. DataRobot’s self-service data preparation just got even more powerful in Release 7.0. Not only can you quickly and easily prepare your data for model training, you can also use our visual data prep capabilities to score new data after your models are built and use it for whatever purpose you choose. Since our data prep tools work seamlessly within our end-to-end AI platform, we make it incredibly easy for anyone to get scored data from any deployed model. You can then integrate the scored data back into your production data pipelines or write it out to a huge variety of well-known enterprise data sources on-prem and in the cloud. All of the scored data is intelligently cached to accelerate the read performance of downstream applications. You can also get both SHAP and XEMP-based explanations for every single prediction, ensuring full transparency and trusted AI.

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