The DataRobot AI Adoption Path

DataRobot provides a clear roadmap for your team to build an AI-driven enterprise. There are many possible starting points for how to implement AI in your business. It all depends on where you are in your journey.

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Solution Acceleration

Begin your AI journey by solving a problem. Perhaps you want to reduce fraud losses, stop customer attrition, or improve your organization’s pricing. If your team includes AI skeptics, show them how AI can solve some of their most common problems.

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Data Scientist Productivity

It’s hard to find good data scientists, so you want your data science team to be able to do more with less. Use the power of enterprise AI to help your team increase its productivity.

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Data Science Democratization

You want to drive AI adoption, engaging more people in your AI projects. But AI is hard. Many people still don’t know how to use AI, and even when they do, data can be difficult to access. Automation makes it possible for people across your business to contribute more, without a degree in computer science. Built-in guardrails ensure that you can trust results — even from novice users.

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The AI Driven Enterprise

You want to use AI throughout your company. We will show you how to implement AI and machine learning — driving value and democratizing data. With a roadmap in hand, your team will be sailing toward an AI-driven future.

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