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Reimagining Insurance Claims with AI and Machine Learning

An insurer’s ability to handle claims efficiently and accurately drives its profitability, customer experience, and long-term financial health. However, because of the vast amounts of internal and external claims data, insurers across the globe are facing unprecedented challenges that make it difficult to support the customers’ high standards and expectations and maintain a healthy bottom line.

With automated machine learning, these challenges become opportunities that allow insurers to intelligently analyze large amounts of multimodal data, including numeric and categorical data, unstructured text, images, and sensor data.

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  • Insurers can quickly analyze and gain insights from all the data that’s generated daily
  • Automated machine learning can improve claims management across the value chain
  • AI can help set analytical levers to maximize ROI
  • Automated machine learning can be applied in multiple areas of claims management, from triage to fraud detection, and much more
The speed of the platform is its strength where it can generate results in less than an hour, instead of a few days.
Kwek Ee Ling
Kwek Ee Ling

Actuarial Senior Manager, NTUC Income

When we put DataRobot in, we could build models much more quickly and ramped up to where we are today – about 300,000 customers a month getting an optimal price using a machine learning model.