DataRobot Framework of ML Governance Background V2.0

The Framework for ML Governance

A Comprehensive Guide for Enterprise Machine Learning Governance

Effective governance is a crucial component of every successful machine learning (ML) initiative. Yet, according to DataRobot’s 5 Latest Trends in Enterprise Machine Learning report, governance-related issues are one of the biggest roadblocks for organizations implementing ML. Around 56% of all organizations struggle with governance, security, and auditability issues.

While there may be a lot of talk about governance, very little prescriptive advice exists for how to implement it in practice. The Framework for ML Governance report by O’Reilly aims to address this gap and offer practical governance advice for teams building and scaling ML initiatives.

Download The Framework for ML Governance report to learn about:

  • The current state of machine learning governance
  • Proper end-to-end governance practices for machine learning, from development to delivery and operational stages
  • How a robust ML governance framework is key to achieving value with machine learning projects