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BARC: Human-Machine Interaction In Data Science Projects

A new research white paper from Business Application Research Center (BARC), Human-Machine Interaction in Data Science Projects, explores the role that human beings will continue to play in the machine learning process. It outlines where automation can be implemented in your own specific data science project operations and provides a guide into which steps will still rely on human input in the immediate future, including such factors as:

  • Human insights and informed experiences are needed to establish use cases depending on your company’s specific needs – and are crucial to providing ethical evaluations.
  • While data profiles can be partially automated, data scientists are still needed to identify, sort, and unify data from multiple sources and ensure that any data set adjustments are transparent to end-users.
  • Certain steps, such as feature engineering and modeling and model validation stages, are more ready to be automated than others.

Read this important report to discover more information about where your best-automated opportunities can be found.


BARC is an enterprise software industry analyst and consulting firm that delivers information to more than 1,000 customers annually. BARC’s team of analysts combine market, product and implementation expertise to advise companies and evaluate BI, Data Management, ECM, CRM and ERP products.

BARC, Human-Machine Interaction in Data Science Projects, Dr. Sebastian Derwisch, October 2019

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