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Creating AI Impact Statements: A Human-Centered Approach to AI System Governance

The current generation of AI systems has “narrow” intelligence. This can be incredibly powerful for learning a single task under controlled conditions, making complex decisions at scale possible. But it often doesn’t give results that are consistent over time.

These limitations can lead to unintended consequences for companies, employees, and their customers—risks that are compounded by the ever-growing pool of AI regulations from around the world. An effective AI impact statement can help your organization steer clear of the risks that come from “narrow” intelligence, while navigating the complexities of international AI standards.

An AI impact statement can also assist your organization at the very early stages as a tool that can align all of the stakeholders from AI creators to executives, to help deliver on business goals and minimize complexities.

Download Creating AI Impact Statements to learn about:

  • Fundamentals of an AI impact statement and why it’s important to have one
  • The short-form assessment that can guide your organization to a complete AI impact statement
  • Proper documentation practices for a robust AI impact statement
  • Implications that have to be considered while drafting the statement: empathy, responsibility, and imperfection