Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

Transforming Healthcare with Automated Machine Learning

DataRobot Transforming Healthcare with Automated ML eBook v1.0

The future of healthcare is data-driven, and machine learning is key to enabling the artificial intelligence (AI)-driven healthcare organization. Unfortunately, many healthcare providers and payers are struggling to effectively utilize machine learning. Many providers simply don’t have the skills, tools or time to deploy conventional machine learning solutions.

The DataRobot automated machine learning platform makes advanced predictive analytics more accessible by reducing barriers to more accurate predictions. Download this overview to learn about specific use cases, overcoming barriers to entry and ultimately how to deliver better health outcomes and better patient experiences with automated machine learning.

This overview dives into:

  • Examples of payers and providers that are using predictive analytics to transform operations
  • Simple methods for deploying and maintaining machine learning models
  • How DataRobot optimizes and accelerates predictive analytics at healthcare organizations