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The Practical Guide to Actionable Machine Learning with Trifacta and DataRobot

From preparing your data to putting your predictive models to work, Trifacta and DataRobot expedite the entire machine learning project life-cycle. Together Trifacta and DataRobot deliver unprecedented rapid value and unmatched ease of use.

In this white paper from Jen Underwood of Impact Analytix, she will walk you through the entire machine learning lifecycle, and show you how Trifacta and DataRobot optimize and accelerate the collection, preparation, and understanding of your data.

This white paper covers:

  • How the combination of Trifacta and DataRobot optimize and accelerate the entire machine learning lifecycle
  • The key steps in data preparation required for successful machine learning, and how Trifacta reduces this time by as much as 70%
  • How automated machine learning from DataRobot compresses the development and deployment of machine learning models from weeks to hours or days