Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

5 AI Solutions Every Chief Risk Officer Needs

DataRobot 5 AI Solutions Every Chief Risk Officer Needs Resource card v2.0

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have huge implications for every functional area of banking, including risk management. With all the confusion surrounding emerging AI technologies, though, it is increasingly difficult to determine which AI applications are the most efficient and effective for managing risk in banking.


This ebook details the key ways risk managers can implement AI to see verifiable impacts on their bottom lines. Additionally, it introduces the DataRobot automated machine learning platform, which has already helped both regional and global banks build world-class AI capabilities.

In the ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Five areas of risk management that banks can improve using AI
  • The challenges risk managers often face when implementing AI
  • How automation addresses these challenges and increases flexibility, transparency, effectiveness, and ROI of machine learning initiatives