AI for Good: Powered by DataRobot

Partnering with non-profit organizations to use data to create sustainable and lasting impacts.

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Using AI for a Better World
AI has the potential to help us solve the greatest challenges facing society. Whether it’s improving healthcare and education, mitigating the effects of climate change or fighting cybercrime, AI has the power to make meaningful change.
In 2018, DataRobot embarked on an initiative to develop sustainable water solutions with the Global Water Challenge (GWC). Working closely with the GWC team, we analyzed over 500,000 data points to predict future waterpoint breaks, enabling African governments to make data-driven decisions related to budgeting, preventative maintenance and policy in order to promote and protect people’s access to safe water for drinking and washing.

Inspired by the results of our work with the Global Water Challenge, we’ve launched AI for Good: Powered by DataRobot. We’re looking for impactful organizations to partner with and share our platform and resources to enable sustainable, AI-driven solutions for a better world.

Our goal is simple: Impact one million lives in the first year.
Global Water Challenge taps DataRobot to improve access to clean water
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Nossa empresa fornecerá licenças pro bono para a plataforma DataRobot, além de suporte de uma equipe interna de cientistas de dados e gerentes de sucesso de IA, a fim de aproveitar os dados existentes para criar modelos preditivos e gerar insights. As solicitações do programa AI for Good da DataRobot são consideradas de forma contínua. Os projetos em potencial serão avaliados caso a caso em termos de viabilidade e possíveis resultados e ficam a critério da equipe da AI for Good.
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