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Zepl Data Science Notebook Solution

In 2021, DataRobot acquired Zepl, the data science notebook solution that enables advanced data scientists to do exploratory, code-centric work in Python, R, and Scala with enterprise features such as collaboration, versioning, and security.

About Zepl

Zepl is from the creators of Apache Zeppelin, an open-source notebook for data and analytics that has been downloaded more than 500,000 times. Zepl provides a self-service data science notebook solution for advanced data scientists to do exploratory, code-centric work.

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Zepl at Glance

Zepl provides a single place for your entire team to collaborate securely, with unlimited scale and zero management, while our modern architecture provides maximum simplicity, efficiency and value.

Key Features

  • Code-based notebook solution
  • Support for Python, R, Scala, Spark, and SQL
  • Connect to any data source in seconds
  • Notebook import and version control
  • Resource and job monitoring
  • Built-in scheduler
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DataRobot + Zepl

With the integration of Zepl, business analysts are able to build models using the power of DataRobot’s automation and collaborate with their advanced data science colleagues for additional customization if desired, all on the same platform.

It also provides a more transparent view of the code behind DataRobot blueprints, further enhancing trust and explainability within the platform.

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  • By embedding our self-service notebook solutions into DataRobot’s already frictionless platform, DataRobot cements its place as the de facto enterprise AI Platform for users across the board, and at every skill level.
    Dan Maloney
    Dan Maloney

    CEO of Zepl

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