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AI You Can Trust

With the DataRobot platform, our built-in expertise and guardrails ensure that you receive predictions you can trust.

DataRobot is building the world’s most Trusted AI

Trust is essential in any relationship and must be earned. When you meet a new business partner, you know how to quickly read whether or not they are trustworthy. With an AI system, that sophisticated assessment is just as vital, and it comprises key steps that should become routine.

At DataRobot, we provide the expertise and tools to test your systems across multiple dimensions of trust in order to design AI that performs exceptionally, maintains operational excellence, and reflects your values. This is Trusted AI.

Humility in AI: Building Trustworthy and Ethical AI Systems

DataRobot’s Framework for Trusted AI

DataRobot’s technology was created by some of the world’s top data scientists, incorporating best practices with recent research developments. We recognize that AI trust is multidimensional and an AI creator, operator, and consumer each have different needs. Success happens when humans and AI work together.
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The DataRobot platform incorporates guardrails to ensure performance and enable the democratization of AI so that knowledgeable business users across an organization can rely on it.
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Value and Risk
With DataRobot’s Humble AI feature, you get real-time analysis and protection for the predictions generated by any of your deployed models, making it easier to trust your model and get more value from it.
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Ethical and Explainable
Technical and non-technical users must be able to explain AI models in a way that is transparent and reflects your company’s values. DataRobot’s platform is not a black box and will give you clear and concise explanations for the predictions it produces.

Start trusting your AI system.