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Text AI

Leverage text data in various languages to help your AI read between the lines and extract even more insights for your business.

Next Generation of Text AI

Leverage text data you have, in any language, to streamline operations, deliver insights, and realize more value from AI for your organization. DataRobot AI Cloud has the best data science practices and tools built in, packaged into simple and powerful out-of-the-box capabilities that help take your text models to the next level.

Drag and drop text data into DataRobot AI Cloud Platform to build, deploy, monitor, and manage text-based models with just a few clicks. With Text AI,  you have full control over tokenization and embeddings, with a diverse set of options for lemmatization, stemming, sentiment extraction, named entity recognition, and more.

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The Complete Guide to DataRobot’s AI Cloud Platform

Diverse Languages and Data

DataRobot can learn from various languages—English, French, German, Japanese, and many others. Text AI also allows users to combine text data with as many other feature types in your dataset as you like. This includes feature types such as numeric, categorical, date, images, geospatial, time series, and relational. Through the use of diverse data types, you get much broader data perspectives to your AI models. DataRobot AI Cloud now includes enhanced language detection for an autopilot that helps you build more accurate models by capturing the text features in different languages at the same project.

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More Value with Less Effort Out-of-the-Box

With a wide range of options for experimentation, you can tackle various data science problems, such as classification, multi-labeling, anomaly detection, clustering, forecasting and regression with out-of-the-box capabilities for no-code, low-code, or full-code experiences. You can focus on solving the business case and not get lost in trying to solve intermediate and technical text featurization. There’s no need to provision expensive infrastructure or be a deep learning expert. Leverage best practices right out of the box and deploy with one click or one line of code.

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Simple to Compose and Explain

With Composable ML, you can bring your own text featurizer or text modeling algorithm to the AI Cloud Platform and build models that integrate your very own expertise. Text AI provides several pre-trained transformers that are available via Composable ML. You can compose a new training pipeline by adding this task to an existing blueprint. Benefit from existing built-in model explainability tools that DataRobot AI Cloud provides for each model and prediction. With enhanced prediction explanations you can access more granular insights and understand the text and its influence on the model at a word or phrase level, both with negative and positive impacts.

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Out of the box
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