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DataRobot Model Grader

Will Your AI Models Make the Grade?

Model Grader Overview

The DataRobot Model Grader assesses and evaluates your existing AI models to give you confidence they are best-in-class and are worthy of their place in your production environment. 

This new tool incorporates our deep expertise and experience building trusted AI systems and provides you with a scorecard across 4 critical areas, essential for any model headed into production; Data Quality, Robustness, Accuracy, and Fairness.

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Model Grader Overview

Your Data Quality Score

Checks for target leakage, outliers, inliers, excess zeros and more.

Data Quality Score

Your Data Robustness Score

Tests for missing values within every feature.

Data Robustness Score

Your Model Accuracy Score

Assesses how accurate your model is at predicting the target value.

Model Accuracy Score

Your Bias & Fairness Score

Tests if your model exhibits bias against protected features in your dataset.

Bias Fairness Score
Data Quality Score
Data Robustness Score
Model Accuracy Score
Bias Fairness Score

To get graded across multiple dimensions, simply provide us with your training dataset and model predictions for any of your existing AI models regardless of the tool, language, or development environment in which they were created. If you’re already a DataRobot customer, Model Grader plugs seamlessly into your existing projects.

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