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Your expertise augmented with world-class automation.

What is Composable ML?

Composable ML is an exclusive feature designed for code-centric Data Scientists. It opens up the hood to DataRobot’s legendary blueprints and gives you the opportunity to build your own models in a more efficient way. Leveraging our automated best practices, extended with your custom code, you can quickly and efficiently build new ML pipelines and models, train and share them, then deploy them to your production environment of choice, in just a few clicks

Ultimate Flexibility for Expert Data Scientists

DataRobot changes your approach to modeling; the speed at which you execute, the ability to iterate, where you spend your time.

Using Composable ML your coding experts can copy and edit the way our blueprints work. You can add, remove and change any individual step and easily integrate your own custom code to create the perfect model for your unique situation. You have ultimate flexibility to combine python and R with DataRobot code, install any package, and even bring your own docker container if required.

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Streamlined Pathway to Production

Use Composable ML to build models and benefit from out-of-the-box capabilities that streamline your pathway to production. In addition to our secure and reliable training infrastructure, you can experience automated feature discovery and engineering for your new model. Compare your model to DataRobot models on our leaderboard. Get instant access to explainable AI capabilities, including visual insights, prediction explanations, and automatic compliance documentation.

In just a few clicks you can deploy your new model and get specialized model monitoring, multi-cloud deployment options, and lifecycle management, all on our world-class enterprise-grade MLOps platform. Everything just works right out-of-the-box. No extra DevOps work necessary.

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A Collaborative Way to Build New Models

It is often said that data science is a team sport and we agree. With Composable ML, custom tasks and blueprints are easy to share across the organization. This opens the door for data scientists and machine learning engineers from the center of excellence to enable citizen data scientists across the organization. Your custom pipelines and models can be easily shared and reused in just a few clicks.

It works in the other direction too. Citizen Data Scientists can build out-of-the-box baseline models then hand them off to expert data scientists to extend and enhance before or after they are deployed.

Composable ML breaks down barriers between your experts and non-expert data scientists and analysts and enables your AI initiatives to scale throughout your entire organization.

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