DataRobot AI Platform

A full AI lifecycle platform built for predictive and generative AI with broad ecosystem interoperability and a world-class team of AI experts to ensure the success of your initiatives every step of the way.

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Data Platforms
Integrate across your data infrastructure and orchestration systems in just a few clicks.
APIs and Service Integrations
Easily slipstream AI inputs and outputs into your existing tools, processes and infrastructure you’ve already invested in.
Business Applications and Intelligence
A strong ecosystem lets you ensure that AI can be consumed where end users want it.
AI Experimentation
Experiment with multiple LLMs, prompting strategies, or machine learning models and problem statements to build the best AI solutions for your business.
AI Production
Drive real results with AI by building bespoke GenAI apps and integrating generative and predictive AI solutions into your organization’s business-critical workflows and applications.
Applied AI Expertise
DataRobot and our Service Partners have successfully tackled over 1 million AI projects across a wide range of industries.
The ultimate flexibility and choice for deploying the platform on your infrastructure.

AI Experimentation

Quickly experiment with multiple AI problem framings, identify key drivers, and build precise models that drive impact.

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Prepare Data

Explore and create AI-ready datasets with a tight feedback loop between data prep and model building. Automate the discovery and engineering of thousands of new features across multiple data sources for your generative and predictive AI use cases. Create, assess and refine vector databases with robust evaluation and unique refinement techniques to curate use-case specific vector databases.

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prep modeling data

Build and Optimize

DataRobot makes it easy for you to build any AI solution. Quickly build and customize generative and predictive AI solutions with a wide support of data types in a single model – including location, text, documents, and images – and a code-free or code-first approach. Safely extend your data with your preferred LLMs, along with an extensive library of open-source and proprietary models, including Foundational models, Hugging Face Models, and Eureqa Models, for you to draw inspiration from and experiment with.

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Share Insights and Make Decisions

Translate complex generative and predictive AI models into insights your business stakeholders can understand and use. Quickly prototype bespoke generative AI applications using a hosted Streamlit application, or translate predictive AI into interactive visual insight apps like what-if analysis, price elasticity, or future-scenario simulation apps.

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make business decisions

Generative AI

Maintain vendor autonomy as you build and deploy generative AI solutions. Safely extend your proprietary data, use your preferred LLM, tailor prompting strategies, and refine your vector database with best of breed tools and components. While hosted notebooks and a hosted Streamlit sandbox let you skip the hassle of designing, configuring, managing, and scaling your infrastructure so you can focus on building use cases and bespoke generative AI applications.

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AI Production

Everything you need to manage, scale and govern your generative and predictive AI assets, in one place. A centralized control and command center gives you the seamless ability to test, document, deploy, monitor, and govern a diverse portfolio of models in production no matter where they’re built or deployed.

Validate and Govern

Organize, deploy, and version all generative and predictive AI assets from one registry. Bring approval workflows and auditability to all models across all cloud environments, and automate performance tests and documentation, and ensure consistent level of governance and security.

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Deploy and Integrate

Put predictive models, LLMs, and GenAI apps into production with ease, whether built in DataRobot or not. Broad platform integrations enable automatic deployment to any cloud environment such as Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, AWS, GCP, on-premises, or edge devices. Integrate generative AI and predictive AI models into Slack, Salesforce, BI tools, DataRobot AI apps, or bespoke generative AI applications for business consumption.

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Monitor and Measure ROI

Now it’s easy for you to maintain the ROI and performance of all your models at scale. Gain observability over the status, health and performance of all your generative and predictive AI assets with DataRobot. Live health monitoring, alerts, deep production diagnostics, and custom performance metrics help you ensure your generative and predictive AI assets are performing as expected, regardless of their build origin or deployment destination. As conditions change, Datarobot will automatically suggest new challenger models, and let you hot-swap fresh models into production without interrupting existing business processes.

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Monitor and measure roi

Generative AI

Easily integrate generative AI into your organization’s existing operations and business tools, or quickly prototype bespoke generative AI applications with a hosted Streamlit application sandbox. Once deployed, ensure they stay safe and relevant with custom performance monitoring that will alert you to toxicity, or whether your LLM is staying “on-topic”, as well as keep your LLM costs from running out of control.

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Open and Interoperable Ecosystem

Data Platforms

From connecting to data warehouses and data lakes, to integrating with feature stores, and deploying models across your cloud data warehouses, DataRobot gives you the ability to maximize your existing investments to deliver value with AI.

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APIs & Services

With integrations across a broad ecosystem of APIs and services – from data labeling, to orchestration systems to LLMs – you can now seamlessly integrate existing investments and create innovative business solutions using generative and predictive AI.

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Business Apps and Intelligence

As your unified AI intelligence layer,  DataRobot ensures that every business user is using the same predictions and forecasts, eliminating inconsistent predictions, and answers with AI. With DataRobot you can quickly integrate model predictions into the applications your business users rely on everyday – from business applications like Slack and Salesforce to business intelligence or visualization tools like PowerBI and Tableau. You can also curate rich interactive applications for any AI use case with hosted Streamlit prototyping and DataRobot AI apps.

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Deployment Infrastructure

Deploy DataRobot your way – on a dedicated managed cloud, private cloud, on-prem or SaaS. Instead of focusing on the infrastructure, you can get to driving outcomes with AI faster.

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Generative AI

Stay in the driver’s seat for your GenAI initiatives. Enjoy the autonomy and freedom to work with all the best tools that exist today as well as what will emerge in the future. With our API-first integrations you can manage LLM selection, safeguard data privacy, control all financial aspects of your generative projects, and ensure you never get locked-in to any one vendor. While flexible deployment options let you bring your generative AI to life by easily integrating generative AI into your organization’s operations and systems such as Slack, Salesforce, BI tools and more with just a few lines of code. Or, quickly prototype and create bespoke applications in a few clicks with a hosted Streamlit application sandbox.

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