Solution Partners

About the Program

Our Solution Partner Program is aimed at ISVs, SaaS application, and data platform providers that are looking to build AI-capabilities into their products. Automated machine learning combined with solutions that are purpose fit to an industry or business process can bring accelerated transformational value to businesses of all shapes and sizes. The possibilities are endless.

Program Benefits

DataRobot offers a robust set of APIs that enable our solution partners to deliver a best-in-class integration of automated machine learning into their platforms. This enables you to get to market quickly with an AI-driven platform and industry applications, versus the alternative of building it on your own -- saving months or years of precious time to market, and development resource cost. In addition, DataRobot solution partners can gain tremendous competitive advantage with powerful AI-capabilities, flexible licensing and pricing, technical services, and training for developers. AI solutions powered by DataRobot are beautiful.

Program Support

From Industry ISVs and Data providers to Cloud App to IoT platform providers, DataRobot is focused on meeting your needs for integrated machine learning and AI capabilities. We pride ourselves on our world-class customer success organization, our technology integration support, and partner enablement framework. All of which will help our solution partners accelerate their journeys to becoming an AI-Driven Enterprise.


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Technology Alliances

Technology Alliances provide platforms and applications that integrate with DataRobot to accelerate the value delivered by automated machine learning.

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Value Added Resellers

Value Added Resellers are a global network of service providers that, in addition to their own services, resell DataRobot to deliver increased value.

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Solution Partners

Solution Partners embed our powerful automated machine learning platform tools into their own applications to enable an AI-driven experience for their customers.

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Systems Integrators and Consulting Firms

Systems Integrators and Consulting Firms use DataRobot to design, plan, develop, and implement vertical and horizontal solutions of all sizes and complexities.

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