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Eureqa Software

In 2017, DataRobot acquired Nutonian to help accelerate the mission to bring machine learning to the masses by bolstering its capabilities across different types of modeling problems, particularly those involving time series data.

Integration with DataRobot

DataRobot has integrated Eureqa’s features into its enterprise offering, creating a complete platform that includes highly advanced classification, numeric, multi-series and time series capabilities. The integration extended the features of Eureqa, helping DataRobot’s platform become the ultimate product in A.I. and machine learning automation.

Eureqa Features At a Glance

Eureqa’s features help analyze vast amounts of structured data (billions of times per second) to build the most accurate and actionable models.

The addition of Eureqa’s software into the DataRobot platform industrializes data science by bringing advanced predictive modeling capabilities to the masses.

  • Infinite scalability
  • Automatic signal discovery
  • Take action with confidence
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Lightning fast solutions
  • Eureqa is the world’s most successful and well-known algorithm for discovering mathematical relationships formulas in data, with thousands of research publications citing Eureqa in their results. DataRobot contains multiple blueprints utilizing Eureqa to build predictive models for time series, regression, and classification problems. Academic Eureqa users can also find information and help at the DataRobot Community.
    Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt

    Chief Technology Officer, DataRobot

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