Teknion Data Solutions and DataRobot Begin Joint Partnership

December 12, 2017

DataRobot’s Automated Machine Learning Brings New Opportunity to Teknion Customers

Dallas, TX – December 12, 2017 — Teknion Data Solutions, the Dallas-based technology consulting firm specializing in business intelligence, data management, and advanced analytics, announced its partnership with DataRobot, providers of an automated machine learning platform that uses state-of-the-art AI to build highly accurate machine learning models in minutes.

DataRobot gives Teknion and its clients a faster, more efficient way to build predictive models from virtually any data set, a process that often takes weeks, if not months, to execute without the help of AI. Instead, DataRobot analyzes the chosen data set and runs it through algorithms built within Python, R, Spark, H20 and several other machine learning frameworks to identify the most accurate one. DataRobot allows businesses to identify trends and build models within a single day, presenting the ability to react to data much sooner than before.

“DataRobot is an incredibly powerful platform, and it allows us to give clients insights into their businesses in remarkable time,” said Steve Agee, Teknion Data Solutions’ President. “This is an exciting partnership for us, and we’re looking forward to integrating DataRobot into many of our engagements.”

The models generated are highly accurate and leverage best practices used by today’s top data scientists. Developers do not need to write computer code, nor link to third-party libraries, as DataRobot handles all of the workflow and implementation details automatically. An intuitive user interface also makes it easy for users of any skill in machine learning to start using the platform right away.

In general, the DataRobot automated machine learning platform gives businesses a chance to make decisive and well-informed decisions from large data sets. No matter how disparate or complex the data, the platform will sort through thousands of algorithms to give users a precise predictive model.

“Teknion’s deep analytics expertise and proven track record delivering solutions to enterprise customers presents a great opportunity for DataRobot,” said Seann Gardiner, EVP of Business Development at DataRobot. “Together, we’re poised to dominate a huge market opportunity by accelerating the adoption of automated machine learning in the enterprise. We’re proud to be teaming up.”

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